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Sustainable IT Solutions to Enable Digital Business Models

Requirements with a clear customer focus.

Our approach combines the needs and requirements of the business with the possibilities of IT and enables sustainable solutions for your company. Our consultants form the interface between business and technology. With the necessary business understanding and a clear IT expertise, future solutions are oriented towards the achievement your business goals and the needs of your customers.


Rapidly gaining importance digital technologies and their increasing penetration of virtually all divisions of the company are confronting today’s business models with radical changes. The needs of customers for new digital products and services, more individuality and a digital customer dialogue as well as employees for contemporary work and interaction opportunities are growing. The importance of IT systems is becoming increasingly crucial.

Changing value chains and production processes, as well as new business models and innovative IT systems, must be developed and operated in even shorter periods of time. Addressing these challenges is essential to future business success. Both businesses and public administrations must now be able to address, identify and draw the right conclusions about future IT systems in their challenges and needs.

For companies and the administration alike, the following questions arise:

  • Which business units and partners are affected by a desired change?
  • How can we be sure that the needs of all relevant stakeholders have been sufficiently taken into account?
  • Is it ensured that all relevant objectives and requirements are really taken into account in the project?
  • How can we react agilely to changes?


Solution Approach


For us, the focus is on the different stakeholders (customers, employees, end users). Because they are the ones who determine the requirements that influence the design of new business processes or the technological implementation. They are the users of a new or adapted IT solution.

With the help of a holistic approach from the point of view of business analysis and requirements engineering, we accompany you from the first project idea to the introduction of an optimal solution for you with the greatest possible customer benefit.

We help you to set specific objectives that form the framework for defining requirements. Broadly supported and validated, you can be so sure that it’s clear what an IT solution needs to offer.

We support your project professionally on the basis of both classic and agile methods. With appropriate quality assurance measures, we ensure that the solution is introduced in the way that has been established.

The successful implementation of IT solutions requires a change management. With our experience, we know how to advance the digital transformation in the organization, to initiate the adaptations to the workflows and to inspire the employees and to take them into the future.



BA/RE Model e3

Target group-oriented and always human communication is one of the strengths that distinguish our consultants.

Customer Benefits

In business analysis, we fulfil the interface function between business and IT, placing emphasis on a strong business orientation with simultaneous IT expertise. In this interaction, the aim is to implement the business requirements as appropriately, cost-effectively and yet sustainable lysm as well as on time in the business processes and to translate them into IT.

We generate the greatest benefit for your organization by clearly and transparently stating on the basis of a systematic approach which IT solution is the right one for a long-term and digital future and what it must be able to do.

  • We develop a common understanding with you about the actual and target situation.
  • Together we find compromises and resolve contradictions together.
  • We keep the requirements precise and comprehensible.
  • We ensure that the requirements can be adapted quickly and in a controlled manner to changing conditions.
  • We guarantee your project success.

Our consultants are all certified as Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE) and HERMES 5 and are constantly evolving in the most important methods and approaches.

Stefan Agosti

Stefan Agosti has a very broad expertise in the areas of business analysis, requirements engineering, process management and corporate architecture. During his many years of work in the field of IT consulting, he gained experience in a wide range of industries, both in SMEs as well as in large companies and public administration.

Stefan Agosti has been leading the team of Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers at e3 AG for several years and is also a member of the Executive Board.