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Cyber Security

Harden IT Systems, Build Trust, Protect Success

Minimize Cyber Risks.

The illegal use of digital technologies is a challenge of the 21st century. Cyber space is increasingly being misused for criminal purposes. Organizations need to protect themselves against these threats to remain successful in a digitized world. Meet cybercriminals with a set of countermeasures tailored to your needs.


No company can escape the trend towards the digitization of business processes and cloud verification. In doing so, it automatically shifts its activities to cyber space. According to international statistics, hardly any crime is increasing as fast as cybercrime. This serious threat is still underestimated by many companies, many organizations, especially small and medium-sized organizations, consider it unlikely to be the victim of a cyber attack and neglect the use of protection and countermeasures.

In reality, research shows that companies of all sizes and industries can fall victim to cybercriminals. The perpetrators aim at anything that could be of value:

  • business plans (e.g. strategies for mergers or acquisitions, offers, etc.);
  • Information on key business processes, trading algorithms;
  • Contracts or proposed agreements with customers, suppliers, distributors, joint venture partners, etc.;
  • log-in permissions of employees, source codes of computer programs;
  • building information, including plant and equipment designs, building plans and future planning;
  • R&D information on new products or services;
  • Lists of employees, customers, suppliers, or fiduciary data.
(Source: Internet Security Alliance)

How can a company of any size protect itself against cyber attacks?

Solution Approach

Cyber security is an enterprise-wide risk management issue and needs to be addressed as such – it’s not just an IT problem.

Based on its many years of experience in the field of IT security, e3 has developed a concept for the prevention of cyber risks. It turned out that cyber defense is much more than the installation of software that only supposedly protects against cyber attacks.

The holistic concept of the e3 starts with business and its processes and data, the protection of which is ensured by operational as well as technical measures. The e3 therefore treats both dimensions on an equal footing:

Business It
What is the critical data for the company? What does the IT infrastructure look like (data center, network); does the company use cloud services?
What are the legal framework sme? Which applications are used? Are applications developed by themselves?
How is the company organized and what are the previous knowledge of cyber security by the workforce? What are the IT security features?

Three practical examples underline the importance of this approach:


  • The encryption of all data is an appropriate measure against data theft. For business reasons, however, it makes sense to encrypt only important data and thus at the same time reduce the complexity of IT and, if possible, not to change the use of applications.
  • Using cloud services can be useful for a business for a variety of reasons. However, an organization should have every interest in knowing who has access to what data and when. Appropriate tools, key management, and operational processes ensure that ownership of the company’s internal data always remains in the enterprise.
  • If data is to be processed in different cloud applications, it is necessary to ensure that security is ensured throughout their entire lifecycle and that information cannot depend on the individual cloud provider or data can be intercepted by cyber criminals.

Customer Benefits

Every company is different and therefore exposed to other IT security risks. With a clever combination of standardized and thus efficient and cost-effective countermeasures, e3 AG can design and implement a tailor-made solution for minimizing cyber risks.

e3 AG can draw on the know-how of proven security specialists. It also has self-developed tools and applications that help protect against cyber attacks.

Cybercrime is constantly changing and adapting to technological innovations and protective measures taken. For this reason, it is important for e3 AG that all measures taken are not a one-off action, but can adapt to new types of threats.

Protecting against cyber risks is an investment for any company. e3 AG ensures that project and operating costs are targeted and useful.

Cripsin Tschirky

Crispin Tschirky

Crispin Tschirky has many years of experience in cyber security, system and application architecture. Its in-depth technical and methodological knowledge in a wide range of areas, especially when it comes to safely leveraging the cloud, helps you make your IT environment more secure and use the cloud securely.