Data Loss Prevention

The major process areas of a DLP initiative. e3 is the leading DLP integrator and engineering company.
The e3 DLP maturity model sets new standards in automations, integration and total cost of ownership.
Don't plan a DLP solution without talking to us.

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Unique Proposition of an e3 DLP Solution

Internal DLP

Border-crossing DLP and internal "Chinese Walls" DLP are inevitable skills for fulfilling many legal requirements such as GDPR, Export Restrictions, FDA, etc. We know how to do that.

Multi Tenancy

Multi-tenant DLP solutions are necessary in the area of managed services as well as in large companies for divisional segregation. Tenant specific-enabled DLP needs specific customization.


Incident Management and Policy Mgmt automation as a major aspect of a high maturity DLP solution are paramount for lower TCO

Deep Integration

DLP solutions need information about the targets (servers, endpoints, ...), employees, customers, IP, .... The more recent the data, the faster the data is protected. A deep integration is a specialty of e3

Intelligent Incident Closure

Many DLP incidents have a legal background. Identifying and closing these incidents automatically significantly reduces costs and effort.

Combined Solutions

Often the combination of 2..n solution is the most elegant approach. Such combined solutions are relatively inexpensive (build and operate) and often functional superior.
Combination and integration is in our DNA.