DLP - Data Loss / Leakage Prevention

Those who value data protection highly primarily have three options. Include, encrypt or restrict use. DLP aims to include, or prevent, unwanted data flows. Ideal when there is a high level of control of the environment. Since the world can unfortunately rarely be divided into only good or evil, yes or no, even good DLP solution are not binary. The line between adequate protection and non-obstruction of the permitted business is sometimes fluid. A DLP system is therefore optimized over time and learns what is allowed and wanted and what is forbidden and should be prevented.

To do this, DLP itself needs a lot of up-to-date information and efficient processing of finding. e3 DLP solutions are optimized for these aspects because we believe that this is the only way to ensure adequate protection in the long term.

The relevant process areas of a DLP initiative. e3 is the leading DLP integrator and implementation specialist.

Our DLP maturity model sets new standards in terms of automation, integration and cost optimization.

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DLP solutions from the best manufacturers in the world

With our DLP (Data Loss / Leakage Prevention) extensions, we complement the best products on the market. We deepen integration with resystems and increase the automation of processes. This makes something new possible and results in DLP solutions with new features. We work with the DLP solutions of the following manufacturers:

  • Symantec DLP:                                                                                                                                                                           For years, the product is particularly suitable for data-centric DLP.
  • Mc Afee DLP:                                                                                                                                                                             A leading product, also a leading product, which is characterized by wide possibilities in the field of situation detection.
  • Forcepoint DLP:                                                                                                                                                                          Also a top product with particular strengths in the field of user-oriented DLP.

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The benefits of an e3 DLP solution

Internal DLP

Cross-border des-and internal "Chinese Wall "-DLP, are essential capabilities for the fulfillment of many legal requirements (such as GDPR, export restrictions and FDA).

We know how to do that.

Multi-tenant capability

Multi-client DLP solutions are necessary in the area of managed services as well as in large companies for divisional demarcation. Client-enabled DLP needs some adjustments.

We are happy to support you.

Process automation

Incident and policy management automation, as an essential aspect of a high solution maturity are significant for low costs.

The e3 know-how will help you with this.

Depstives of integration

DLP solutions need information about the goals (servers, endpoints, etc.), employees, customers, IP, etc. The more up-to-date the data, the faster it is protected.

A specialty of e3.

Smart incident closure

Many DLP incidents have a legal background. Identifying and closing these incidents significantly reduces expenses and costs.

We are happy to contribute our experience.

Combination solutions

Today's requirements often require the interaction of multiple solutions. Such combination solutions are cost-effective compared to island solutions (construction and operation) and functionally superior approaches.

Part of our DNA.