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Cyber Resilience Suite

Change the Playing Field

Immunizing Gated Community.

Imagine that we could immunize our IT systems in the same way as hopefully soon our bodies against a virus like Corona. Such a solution immunizes your IT environment against over 90 of all relevant cyber attacks. We have this solution. Focus on your business and leave the security of your systems and data to this solution.


The loss of control over your own data is constantly increasing, especially in the cloud. Especially the many parties involved in the cloud have very different interests. Let’s be clear, both the traditional approach of increasing IT security through system hardening, firewalls, etc., and the more modern approach with data loss prevention, advanced threat protection and AI-supported monitoring have one thing in common: both approaches build protective wall after protective wall and have only plugged the known security gaps in recent years. In addition, complete protection requires a lot of specific security expertise, which is scarce and expensive on the market.


The list of challenges is long: digitalization, cloudification, new laws and regulations, disruptive competitive solutions, home office, global economic disputes, industrial espionage, ransomware and many more. The Cyber Crime business uses these opportunities professionally and “generates” a turnover of 600 billion USD (~EU Corona bailout) PER YEAR.

onPrem vs. inCloud

The protection mechanisms for onPrem solutions function differently or no longer at all in inCloud scenarios. The innovative development of protection mechanisms for the cloud is therefore urgently required.

Solution Approach

A specific combination of Endpoint Container, Identity & Access Management, encryption of data in the cloud, and a few other components create an IT environment similar to a gated community. Within this gated community, you are protected from attack. Since this is achieved by eliminating all attack surfaces, the protection is not specific, but sustainable, i.e. other attack methods that start in the same place no longer stand a chance. From the endpoint to the data stored in the cloud, the protection is complete. In short: The attack surfaces are eliminated against the usual attack vectors and the entire system is immunized as a result.

OnPrem and cloud services can be included in this gated community. This is done virtually, i.e. the solutions and services are integrated without their intervention.

Immunized Gated Community Cyber Resilience

Secure Data

Data-centric use cases (Data Warehouse, Reporting, ETL) are also part of the gated community. The sensitive data remains protected and the data owner determines the use. Data can also be used in an anonymised form.

Which applications are suitable?

We recommend migrating all applications to the gated community that operate with sensitive data. Once the gated community is set up, the relevenate applications can be added within a few days.

Customer Benefits

Customers who want to digitize, cloud if or make their home office solution sustainable, find the ideal solution with the gated community. You will receive:

  • control of your data and will no longer give it away.
  • a state-of-the-art solution that guarantees security for identity, data and processes in the cloud.
  • a solution that provides conceptual, sustainable protection.
  • a solution that intelligently integrates proven enterprise security solutions.
  • a basis that can easily take part in its changes.

No alternative security solution ensures a similar level of protection: at the lowest cost, while involving all your customers! The fact that conventional products can also be replaced has a positive effect on the cost situation as the proverbial sustainability.

Ideal for all companies that know their customers (not suitable for “running customers”), because the solution invites your customers to your gated community at no extra cost. This also protects them from identity theft and data loss. The following industries are predestined for our solution:

Insurance Healthcare Public Sector Facility Energy Banking

Thomas Fürling

Experience and insights gained over 30 years flow into this new type of cyber security. It adopts concepts from the physical world and carries them into cyber space. Electronic immunization is synonymous with medical immunization. The result is a completely new approach with disruptive potential.


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