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Toward the Digital Age of Business Process Management

Align business processes to the digital future.

Know, master and constantly adapt the processes and processes in your organization to the requirements of future digitalized business models. Our experienced consultants offer the necessary support and take all participants on the path of digitalization.


The basis of any initiative in the field of digitalization is the understanding and mastery of the organization’s own business processes.

Many companies, as well as public administration, still function as ever. They are often unaware of the potential for their future in understanding the processes that are going on every day.

In the course of digitalization, companies are confronted with new competitive situations virtually overnight. Flexible and quick response is the order of the day. Companies need to understand their end-to-end processes, get a grip and finally optimize and automate them as much as possible. This is the only way to ensure the business agility that will be necessary in the future.

In many places, therefore, questions arise such as:

  • How do I get an overview of existing business processes?
  • What are the possibilities to further develop the organization from a process point of view?
  • How much business process management does my organization need to be ready for digitization?
  • How can the organization benefit from efficient and targeted processes?


Solution Approach

In order to develop the basis for further steps, we analyze the processes in your organization and show how they are anchored in your structures. Using proven best practice methods, we document the business processes and follow established standards, such as those of eCH.

Business Processes

With an end-to-end view of your processes, we can work out improvements with the employees involved, thus contributing to a simplification and optimization of the processes.

Business processes as central components of future digitized business models require management tailored to your organization, which makes existing process knowledge one of the most important assets in your organization.

The horizontal and vertical integration of processes, organization and necessary operational bases makes it possible to develop future-proof digital models for your organization and prepare them for their implementation. In this way, we lay the foundation for the future necessary agility of your organization in the area of service delivery for your customers.

The cost-effective and at the same time efficiency-enhancing implementation of digital business processes gives your organization the freedom to reduce costs while increasing innovation and agility.

Our consultants bring a broad foundation of process knowledge, can deal with a wide variety of modeling languages(BPMN 2.0,ARIS, UML, etc.) as well as a wide range of tools, so that we can respond to the needs and conditions of your organization at any time.


Customer Benefits

For our business analysts, business processes are their daily bread. With many years of experience, an established set of methods and the procedure adapted to your needs, we can fully support you.

With us, you can be sure that the design of the business processes and their management is not only reduced to a mere documentation exercise, but that you will make full use of the potential from the processes and that we will make your organization fit for the future. We have always relied on a holistic approach in which business, IT and people are equally in focus.

With forward-looking business process management, we achieve:

  • Cost savings and profit maximization
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility
  • Ensuring compliance and governance

We accompany you in all challenges of process thinking – always in partnership and in a forward-looking manner.

Stefan Agosti

Stefan Agosti has a very broad expertise in the areas of business analysis, requirements engineering, process management and corporate architecture. During his many years of work in the field of IT consulting, he gained experience in a wide range of industries, both in SMEs as well as in large companies and public administration.

Stefan Agosti has been leading the team of Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers at e3 AG for several years and is also a member of the Executive Board.

Stefan Agosti is also a member of the Business Processes Section of the association eCH.