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business strategy and IT in line.

Align your business IT with your business strategy. Our experts will help you to make your business fit for the future with a corporate architecture. Together, we ensure that your IT optimally supports strategic goals and forms the basis for your future business models.


The IT of many companies has grown organically in the past. Individual challenges were often addressed in a situational way without following an overarching strategy. In many companies, for example, insular solutions have emerged, which are often only suboptimally harmonized with each other.

In many cases, the result of such solutions is an unstructured data and application landscape. The data owner is not defined, the same data strains are stored multiple times and different systems often perform similar functions with their own data management.

Many companies therefore face the following questions:

How can the strategic vision with regard to digitalization be mapped as a concrete corporate architecture?

How can the current application landscape be converted into a future-proof target – this during ongoing operation?

Which files can be stored in the cloud, which must remain private?

What safety aspects need to be taken into account today and tomorrow?

Or how can the customer base from the projects be harmonized with the data generated by the online presence?

Solution approach

Together with our customers, we develop a needs- and goal-oriented corporate architecture. We analyze and question the business strategy with regard to its orientation in the context of digitalization. In the same way, we analyse the actual situation of IT. The development of an enterprise architecture cannot be achieved with a top-down or a bottom-up approach. Rather, the company architecture, ideally tailored to customer needs, arises from an interaction between the strategic goals of the company and the current IT landscape.

As product-independent consultants, we neutrally assess the existing application landscape and uncover gaps or double occupations. We also analyze the data landscape: each data master gets an owner. A comprehensive and structured view of enterprise data forms the basis for defining first steps towards an overall architecture based on data integration. In addition, it allows the first easy-to-implement measures to be defined, which immediately have an effect and simplify or make existing processes more efficient.

On the one hand, our approach is based on proven best practice approaches that are industry-independent and flexibly adaptable. On the other hand, we are guided by established standards such as TOGAF or ArchiMate.

Customer benefits

Thanks to our practice-oriented approach, you get a lean, customized and targeted corporate architecture. This forms the basis for aligning your company in the future in such a way that it can react flexibly and quickly to the requirements regarding new business models. Digitisation is no longer a challenge, but is proving to be a source of exploited opportunities and opportunities.

We ensure that your data is geared to existing and future business models as well as processes. Processes become manageable and easier. You no longer lose time due to media breaks in the processes: you can thus focus more on the future business goals and have a supportive means at hand with IT. Last but not least, you are also able to meet the wishes of your employees for modern work equipment and procedures.

For the e3, an enterprise architecture is not just an architectural drawing. We want to accompany you much more on the way to a fast implementation that is suitable for your company and cost-effective. For this purpose, we develop work packages for you with their implementation, which you can gradually get closer to your vision of a digitized company.

Cyril Marti

Cyril Marti has been working as an IT consultant for about 20 years. He has a very broad expertise in corporate and IT architecture. During his many years of work, he gained a lot of experience in a wide range of industries, both at SMEs and in large companies at home and abroad.
Cyril Marti has been working for e3 AG as a Senior IT Consultant for four years and supports various clients in architectural and security matters.