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Cyber Security Awareness

Strengthening your Employees as a Safety Factor

Are your Virtual Doors locked?

With technical protection mechanisms, the windows can be latticed and massive steel doors can be installed in the figurative sense. If the residents forget to close the doors or allow unknown visitors into the door unconsidered, these protective measures can be circumvented. As a result, their effect is also lost.

IT systems must be technically secured. However, users are usually unaware that they also play a critical role in securing your organization’s IT systems.


The increasing digitization and networking opens up countless new attack vectors for cyber-criminals. In recent years, cyber attacks have increased massively. In addition to the quantity, the quality of the attacks has also increased. This shows that attacks have become much more sophisticated, more targeted and thus more dangerous. Intrusion gates for attackers are often not technical weaknesses in systems, but carelessness or ignorance of employees. According to Symantec, virtually every security incident can be attributed to a human error. In its Threat Report, security specialist Proofpoint reported that system vulnerabilities were exploited in less than 1 of all cyber attacks in 2019. In more than 99 successful cyber attacks, however, human misconduct has made the attack possible in the first place. This means that in all these cases, inattentive employees were involved somewhere in the chain of attacks. Accordingly, it is not surprising that Gartner attributes the largest ROI of all INVESTMENTS in IT security to those for security awareness programs.

Especially work, which every one of us carries out on a daily basis, carries great risks. For example, e-mails or Internet browsers are often misused by attackers in order to entice employees to take unwanted actions and thus gain access to systems.

Attentive and trained users are essential for the IT security of your company. Many employees are unaware of the dangers of the digital world. Thus, their origins, manifestations and also recognition features are often not known – which means that they are hardly recognized. But features that indicate dangers are often very easy to identify, which would prevent the damage.

Even with just a few easy-to-learn behavioral changes, your employees can make a decisive contribution.

Solution Approach

With our training courses, we create the necessary awareness of the digital dangers your company is exposed to. We provide easy-to-understand tips & tricks that your employees can implement directly as part of your daily work. In this way, we help you to steer your company into a secure future.

The procedure model cannot be completely flat-rated, as the optimal solution from company to company can be very individual. In principle, however, this can be divided into the following five steps:

1. Situation
We first analyze your individual IST situation by appropriate means (e.g. workshops or a phishing campaign).

2. Definition
of measures
Based on the findings of the IST analysis, we define measures that can improve the IT security of your company in the short, medium and long term.

3. Implementation of previous accompanying measures
If necessary, administrative, organisational and technical measures must then be defined and implemented as quickly as possible within the framework of previous accompanying measures.

4. Creating
a long-term safety awareness
In order to create the necessary and high safety awareness for your employees, we offer various tools such as interactive training, instructional videos, etc. These are modular and can be combined with each other as desired, adapted to your individual situation.

5. Ensuring learning progress
After the necessary measures have been taken, we will examine the with a phishing campaign – whether they have improved the security behavior of your employees.

Customer Benefits

With our training courses, we create an awareness among your employees of the importance of prudent action with digital technologies. We attach great importance to practice-oriented and interactive mediation methods. We omit theoretical and technical details and focus instead on the daily work of your employees – and what you can contribute to IT security there. You gain confidence in your employees by integrating compliance with the safety rules into everyday behaviour as a matter of course.

Ultimately, you invest – usually accompanying technical measures – in an essential component of the security of your IT and avoid financial and /or image damage due to data loss, espionage, defacements, etc.

We can draw on a wealth of experience and different materials and mediation methods. We adapt these to your individual situation. In this way, we achieve the greatest possible learning effect for your employees and make you an important building block of your security infrastructure.

We would be happy to discuss the optimal solution for your company with you personally without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Joel Engel

Joel Engel

Joel Engel has been working at e3 AG as an IT Security Consultant for three years. He works in numerous security projects and deals intensively with cyber security awareness, which makes him an expert and first point of contact for you. He has a background in software development and several years of experience in the field of requirements engineering, project management and business analysis at companies in various projects.