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EWS – Explorer Workshop

Data Protection. Efficiency. Automation.

Understanding a topic quickly and comprehensively is the basis for making the right decisions. The e3 Explorer Workshop was designed for this purpose. The Explorer Workshop is structured in a way that your goals and visions are compared to the current situation and concrete measures can be developed from the resulting delta.
The result is a structured situation analysis SOLL/IST and based on prioritized, feasible measures. In other words, the Explorer Workshop creates a topic-specific strategy. This brochure explains how this works.

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DLP is an important IT security topic for quality-conscious companies. In general, IT security measures create space for the safe operation of the core business.
Like any security measure, DLP secures and expands the area of secure business areas and allows more business opportunities without increasing risk.

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Digital Transformation
in the administration

Digitalization opens up completely new opportunities for the federal government, the cantons and the communities to provide their services in a customer-oriented manner and to optimize cooperation between the authorities and the business community. Here you can find out how e3 AG is helping to shape digitalization in public administration in a goal-oriented manner.