GDPR Essentials


While the individual rules become clearer more and more, the effective impact on daily operation is yet undetermined by many companies. Alone to detect where relevant data is stored and therefore a GDPR dependency is given, is still a big unknown in many enterprises.

Essentail bullet points:

  • Shared Responsibility of Data Processor & Data Controller
  • Protection of Personal Data inside EU and beyond
  • Penalties: up to 4 % of global revenue or 20 Mio € (whatever is bigger!)
  • Breach Notification within short time
  • Risk Assessment with DPO (named data privacy officer)
  • Portability, Transparency, Purpose
  • Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default
  • Anonymization, Pseudonymization

GDPR Dependency Risk Assessment

To enlight the big unknown of where is GDPR relevant data store, e3 is adapting their long existing DLP risk assessement to a GDPR specific GDPR dependency scan. DLP with its extensive data centric content scanning capabilities, can map most spots where GDPR relevant data resides. Effectively creating a heat map of senstive information. An ideal base to make an informed, risk based decision about where to start addressing the GDPR challenges.
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DPO as a Service from e3

A data privacy officer (DPO) is a requires position to be created if not already existant. Smaller companies are often overwhelmed with the demand from such compliance regulations. Beside the potential penalties, haveing your essentail information assets under control, is a major topic in our competitive world anyway. Therefore a DPO is an important function no matter where you are and what you do. e3 can offer you a DPO as a services. Only our most senior security architects and specialist are selected for this offering. Getting a DPO service provides many advantages such as availability, on demand models and a broader knowledge base of the whole e3 and our partners. It is the easiest way for SME to get an enterprise DPO.
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