Eleven Madison Park


Dining in Style in New York at Eleven Masion Park

High Art of Dining

According to some that must know, Mr. Humm is currently one of the best cooks in the world. At least I can say, the dinner was a high light.

All courses with a perfect finish and a yet unexperienced level of creativity. We chose the wet version, e.g. a matching something to drink with each course. Was really lekker, but I must admit, a 10 course dinner also means around 1 litre of slightly alcoholc beverages was hard work ;-)

Book well in advance and you pay when you book. Great for non US persons - there is no fight for tips etc. Tips are officially not allowed. I assume therefore the personell is accuratly paid.

Speaking of personell - never experience such attentive personell before. It was almost as they knew what I wanted before even I did. Very impressive - good job.

Impressions for Foodies