Data Loss/Leakage Prevention

Line of Defense against Data Loss

Keep your data safe.

Those who value data protection primarily have three options: include, encrypt or restrict use. DLP is aimed at including or preventing unwanted data (ab)flows. Optimal when there is high control of the IT environment.


Data is most likely one of your company’s most valuable assets. Information protection is a must-have in the digital age and is crucial for a secure course of business. Many companies have suffered millions of dollars in damage in direct and indirect costs in recent years as a result of data leaks. Brands and companies have suffered reputational and concrete losses in value. Stricter regulations must be observed, with rising costs in the area of data protection as a consequence. Most data losses are unintentional and can be attributed to ill-considered and negligent actions of individual employees.

Potentially dangerous situations are:

  • Home offices not technically securely set up
  • Loss of USB sticks with sensitive data
  • Loss of corporate laptops
  • Permitted cross-border data transfers
  • Internal “Chinese Walls” that “cover” the data theft
  • Violation of regulations and laws in different jurisdictions
  • Decreasing inhibition thresholds for long-term use of sensitive data
  • Reputational loss when data loss is made known


Solution Approach

Experience teaches us that a good DLP solution includes the protection of all critical data, covers all relevant channels, aligns closely with business processes and roles, and minimizes total cost of ownership. The qualification and quantification of the actual situation allows an informed decision!

The analysis results in a hazard map that indicates special “hot” zones. Such a hazard map helps:

  • recognize sensitive and mission-critical data and data flows;
  • risk triage of leakage vectors;
  • determine the degree of automation of the DLP system based on the size and type of data to be protected.

Based on the analysis, an appropriate DLP solution is defined. We are based on the world’s leading DLP products (Symantec/Broadcom, McAfee, Forcepoint) and our extensions (e3 DLP addons). The aim is to provide tailor-made protection with the lowest possible operating costs.


e3 DLP Low Level View - DLP Process Areas Greater DLP - most important tools to protect information


Customer Benefits

In more than ten years, e3 has been able to advise and accompany medium-sized and large companies in their DLP initiatives. We have the largest team of specialists in Europe and the most comprehensive DLP expertise for every organizational size.

e3 DLP solutions allow an appropriate response to the relevant challenges in the field of DLP. Close adaptation to processes and roles is the recipe for success for optimal data security at the lowest possible cost by:

  • adequate protection of relevant data
  • the right level of automation of protection mechanisms and processes
  • Balanced, controlled risks
  • functioning decentralized incident management models
  • Investment-protecting expansion scenarios for the cloud
  • Supportive involvement of all employees
  • tried-and-tested models without reinventing the “wheel”
  • Integration into an active community
  • diverse tuning possibilities for the best possible search patterns or Policies

Experience and ability make all the difference!

Thomas Fürling

Since 2010, Thomas has covered all aspects of DLP in more than 50 projects. He is one of the world’s most experienced and leading DLP experts. Thomas Fürling is also the ideal first contact to address the topic in principle.