Cloud Access Security Broker

Data Protection in the Cloud – because it is your Data

The Cloud – a key moment for your data.

Everyone goes to the cloud with everything that is valuable: customer and human resources management, service and project management. Are trust sands and contracts sufficient to protect the data? We don’t Centraya believe and have built the data protection software that will bring you safely to the cloud.


Customers have no control over their data in cloud applications. Which administrator and supporter has access, which secret service, where is the data?! At the same time, customers must meet high requirements in data protection. The new General Data Protection Regulation, secure processing of data in the healthcare sector, etc., PCI DSS and much more stress IT and corporate governance.

Solution Approach

Centrayais a transparent gateway solution that encrypts data at the field and file level before the data leaves the customer’s network and is stored in the cloud. Employees work almost without restriction with the cloud application – even though the data is protected in the cloud. And all this under the full control of the customer: only the customer has all the keys to his data.

Centrayaprotects a large number of commercial cloud applications(Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, ServiceNow, etc.), as well as individual web applications of the customer.

Customer Benefits

Benefits for corporate governance:

  • Securely take advantage of the cloud, e.g. for CRM, HR, service management and much more
  • Avoid liability risks and penalties (GDPR) by protecting data
  • Protection of intellectual property (patents, etc.)
  • Reducing audit costs – Encrypted data is rated differently than unencrypted data

This is what the administrator appreciates:

  • Easy to commission, Centrayais part of the company’s infrastructure
  • Easy configuration of protection profiles for applications
  • Multi-cloud protection for a wide range of cloud applications
  • High performance, no user impact, transparent gateway technology
  • Optional integration of existing security solutions such as Data Loss Prevention, Data Classification and more
  • Virtually no impact on cloud functionality

Take advantage of cloud computing while maintaining control of your data by encrypting Centraya. Save GDPR penalties and prevent cybercriminals from viewing your valuable business data.

Michael Hoos

Michael Hoos

Michael Hoos has many years of experience in the IT security industry. For the past six years, he has been driving the e3-owned Centraya CASB solution both from a technical point of view and in sales. Michael Hoos is a proven expert on cloud security and privacy issues.