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Quality Assurance

Providing Confidence that Quality Requirements will be Fulfilled

Get everything right from the start.

Successful and efficient quality assurance is already integrated during the initialization of a project. Simple organizational measures, the definition of quality criteria for delivery objects and the planning of quality gates: These are the first steps of consistent quality assurance during the entire project period. By taking them into account, you gain the savings of time and costs throughout the entire project.


Lack of quality in IT projects is unfortunately common. In other areas of life or e.g. in the manufacturing industry, quality assurance is very important. In IT projects, however, it is still underestimated. The consequences are known:

  • Project delays
  • Over-expenses
  • Reputational losses
  • Lack of acceptance among users

In the worst case, these consequences appear creeping. For example, in the form of a lack of data quality, because plausibility rules do not work as specified. The result is the input of data that does not correspond to the expected pattern (year 20 instead of 2020).

The later such errors are discovered, the greater the effort (financially and temporally) to eliminate the consequences.

Solution Approach

For more than ten years, we have been supporting the quality assurance of IT projects. We know our methods and tools perfectly and know exactly in which situation which measure is the right one. We make quality a part of your project at an early stage and keep an eye on it until the project is completed.

In doing so, we always take into account the proportionality of the measures and the associated effort. A very good example of this is test automation: experience shows that 100-degree automation rarely makes sense, as the maintenance effort outweighs the benefits of automation. “Intelligent” partial automation is therefore needed. It is therefore advisable to consider carefully:

  • where quality assurance is based (in terms of time and organisation);
  • how (measures) are handled sustainably and efficiently;
  • who (persons and roles) is ideally used and
  • which instruments are used.

Customer Benefits

Involving efficient and sustainable quality assurance as early as possible in the project is worthwhile several times. It is true that an initial effort is incurred at the beginning of the project. On the other hand, the investment pays off quickly over the entire term. Whether through deeper troubleshooting efforts, better adherence to project planning, or greater acceptance of future users. If possible, these are included in the QA process. The quality can be constantly monitored by means of suitable key figures or the measurement of compliance with the requirements (e.g. the desired performance). This way, you are always in the picture of whether the project is on the right track. You reduce a nasty awakening during go-live. We have noted in good time that important requirements have not been taken into account or that the response times are not satisfactory.

In addition to the measurable benefits (faster, cheaper, better), you also generate higher subjective satisfaction among your employees and customers.

Alexander Faber

Alexander Faber has over ten years of experience in all aspects of quality assurance of IT projects. In addition to project work as a test manager and quality/risk manager, he conducts training according to ISTQB.