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Enterprise architecture

Be Prepared for
Future Business Requirements

Business strategy and IT in line.

Align your IT enterprise architecture optimally with your business strategy. Our experts will help you with this. With a corporate architecture, you can make your business fit for the digital future. Together, we ensure that your IT optimally supports strategic goals. This forms the basis for your future business models.


The IT of many companies has grown in recent years. IT now has a key role to play as an innovation engine. For many reasons (e.g. rising costs or complexity), challenges were often addressed in a situational way. As a result, insular solutions have emerged in many companies. There is often no overarching strategy.

The result:

  • Unstructured data landscapes without defined responsibilities.
  • Multiple application landscapes, separated from each other.
  • Different systems perform the same or similar functions.
  • Difficult data transfer between applications.
  • Numerous logins for different systems: Users have to log in constantly.
  • Expensive maintenance of duplicate data.

Many companies are therefore confronted with the questions:

  • How can IT be managed?
  • Can the current application landscape be converted into a sustainable target? Is this even possible during operation?
  • How can I know which files can be stored in the cloud without any concerns?
  • What are the security aspects that need to be considered?
  • How can the customer base be harmonized with the data from the online presence?


Solution Approach

Together with our customers, we develop a needs- and goal-oriented corporate architecture. We analyze and question the business strategy. This is also true in terms of their orientation. In doing so, we also place them in the context of digitalization. At the same time, we analyse the actual situation of IT.

The development of an enterprise architecture cannot be achieved with a top-down or a bottom-up approach. Rather, the ideal enterprise architecture arises from the interaction between strategic initiatives and implementation in processes, organization, infrastructure and data.

Enterprise Architecture model of e3 AG

We are independent consultants. This allows us to make a neutral assessment of the existing execution bases (Foundation for Execution). We uncover gaps, inefficiencies and redundancies in the processes and the organization and develop optimization measures. We also analyze the data landscape, which is one of the most important foundations for the design of digital capabilities. A comprehensive and structured view of the company’s data forms the basis. Based on this, we review the existing IT infrastructure and develop the optimized overall architecture.

On the basis of a roadmap, we define measures that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. These achieve immediate effect and provide the impetus for the next steps.

Our approach is industry-independent and flexible. It is based on proven best practice approaches. At the same time, we are guided by established standards such as TOGAF or ArchiMate.

Customer Benefits

Thanks to our practice-oriented approach, you get an ideal corporate architecture. This can be characterized by the following attributes:

  • slim
  • efficient
  • individual
  • targeted
  • secure
  • future-oriented

This forms the basis for making your corporate IT fit for the future. Your company can respond flexibly and quickly to the demands of new business models. Digitisation is no longer an insurmountable hurdle. On the contrary, it is proving to be a source of new opportunities and opportunities.

We ensure that your data is aligned with existing and future business models and processes. Processes become manageable, more flexible and simpler. Don’t waste time on media breaks in your processes: Focus on future business goals. With IT, you have a supportive means at hand. In addition, you are able to meet the wishes of your employees for modern work equipment and procedures.

For the e3, an enterprise architecture is not just an architectural drawing. We accompany you on the way to implementation. This path leads to an IT landscape that is suitable and cost-effective for your company. For this purpose, we put together useful work packages for you. Step by step, you strengthen the content-related foundation for the planning and control of your IT. How to turn your business into a digital company.

Stefan Agosti

Stefan Agosti

Stefan Agosti has a very broad expertise in the field of enterprise architecture. During his many years of work in the field of IT consulting, he gained experience in a wide range of industries, both in SMEs as well as in large companies and public administration.

Stefan Agosti has been leading the team of Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers at e3 AG for several years. He is a member of the Executive Board and with him e3 AG is also represented on the Architecture Board E-Government Switzerland.

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