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Secure Digitalization

Digital Transformation with Security built-in

Protect your business and enable digital innovation.

Digital transformation offers unprecedented opportunities for companies, which must be exploited for sustainable business success. With the comprehensive model of the e3 Digital Matrix, is digitization suddenly tangible and manageable that can be tackled in a targeted manner. We design the digital transformation for your company in an efficient, sustainable and above all secure manner.


The digital transformation, the use of new technologies and the development of completely new business models offer a multitude of chances and opportunities for companies.

It is all about increasing efficiency by increasing productivity and reducing costs. At the same time, the aim is to continuously increase sales, which means that existing products and services must be further or completely new developed. This is against the background that customers increasingly want and should be involved in the design of products and services.

For many companies, it is not easy to deal with the design, implementation and above all the consequences of the use of promising technologies and the development of the business models of tomorrow. Often, there is a lack of awareness of the issues that a company should address with regard to digitalisation.

Many questions remain unanswered:

  • How can the new technologies be used as a secure and sustainable basis for long-term corporate success?
  • On which basis do we create the business models of tomorrow?
  • What dependencies need to be considered for digital transformation?
  • What are the opportunities and risks for the company in terms of digital transformation?


Solution Approach

In order to realize the full potential of the possibilities of digitization for a company, a strategy of digital business transformation is required. This strategy aligns the entire company in all relevant areas with defined objectives for the implementation of digital transformation. In addition to automation, digital transformation often also means cloudification and closer networking of processes and systems. Based on our many years of experience in the field of IT solutions, digital business models and strategies as well as IT security, we have developed the e3 Digital Matrix, which covers all areas, can be adapted precisely to your needs and still keeps an expandable pace with the development of your company. Secure Digitization The e3 Digital Matrix is based on the four dimensions essential for digital transformation: business processes, security, data and IT infrastructure. It allows us to determine the current maturity of your company and to work with you to develop an optimal target image for your company. Accordingly, a target is defined for each of the four dimensions. Derived from this, the respective transformation steps between the individual stages of the matrix result from the actual to the target. Behind each of the transformation steps are targeted, predefined and proven measures. The measures will be evaluated and prioritized together with you in order to create a roadmap tailored for your company. Along this roadmap, we accompany you and your company in the implementation of the individual measures on the path of digital transformation. With our experienced experts, the use of the most suitable means and professional and standardized procedure, the achievement of the set goals is guaranteed.

Customer Benefits

On the basis of the e3 Digital Matrix, we offer you a comprehensive service that includes all dimensions of digital transformation. You have a contact person who will consistently accompany you in digitalization on the basis of the jointly defined goals.

In cooperation with e3, you will receive more than 20 years of expertise in the field of IT security. This allows you to rest assured that the comprehensive aspect of IT security is an integral part of the overall solution at all times.

With secure digitization, we achieve:

  • A consistently secure digital orientation of your company
  • Increased efficiency and flexibility
  • The basis for future business models
  • A level of digital maturity that meets the needs and capabilities of your company sustainable adaptable and evolving digital skills
  • Sustainable adaptable and evolving digital skills

With us, you will succeed in digital transformation – efficiently, sustainably and securely.

Stefan Agosti

Stefan Agosti

Stefan Agosti has a very broad expertise in the areas of business analysis, requirements engineering, process management and corporate architecture. During his many years of work in the field of IT consulting, he gained experience in a wide range of industries, both in SMEs as well as in large companies and public administration.

Stefan Agosti has been leading the team of Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers at e3 AG for several years and is also a member of the Executive Board.


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