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Business Requirements

Build the Future: Cyber Security

Taking the first steps together.

Topics that shape the future of companies and institutions inspire us. Discover what interests us and what we have to say about it. Benefit from our ideas and our experience to implement new concepts in business and IT and to rethink IT security in the same way. The first steps are often the most difficult. We are happy to help.

Secure digitalizationSecure Digitization


Securely Digitize your Business Models.

Digital transformation offers companies unprecedented opportunities that need to be exploited for sustainable business success. With the comprehensive model of the e3 Digital Matrix, digitization suddenly becomes tangible, manageable and can be tackled in a targeted and secure manner.


successfully implement eGovernment.

IT projects in the administrative environment are complex projects that are numerous risks and challenges. We support business analysis, architecture, quality assurance and security with years of experience and methodological and technical know-how.

Information SecurityInformation Security

Information Security is business-critical.

The big challenge is to fully comply with all security policies and standards as well as processes and controls of a company with the requirements for confidentiality, integrity, availability, transparency, etc. of company data. We show how this challenge can be mastered.

Cloud SecurityCloud Security

Avoid loss of control

The use of cloud services is a megatrend in computer science. This means that there is a risk of loss of control over data and processes. Cloud security is the means that enables a company to use the cloud without worry.