Cloud computing for the data-driven future: keeping an eye on security, flexibility and costs

Act before the light suddenly goes out


The digital threat situation is intensifying. Critical infrastructures are increasingly the focus of cyber attacks. Facilities and systems that a community needs to function are under threat: Gas, electricity, water networks, transport safety systems or medical care facilities.

The damage caused by cyber attacks is constantly increasing. The risk of a critical incident for the population is also increasing. Operators of critical infrastructures should become (more) active with regard to cyber protection. Once again: that's how it should be, but that's not how it is. There is a need for action!

On this trend website, we discuss innovative ways of protecting critical infrastructures against attacks.



Cloud cost trap: euphoria is often followed by headaches

Reality can be frustrating

Don't underestimate the costs of the cloud

The reality after a completed migration to the cloud can be frustrating. Instead of falling costs, many companies experience an increase in their IT expenditure. And these often exceed the expected budgets of the IT departments.

The hoped-for economies of scale are proving to be a mirage, as the cloud is suddenly no longer able to compete with on-premises solutions due to increased prices from providers such as AWS, Google and Azure. Added to this are rising inflation and economic uncertainties.

Given these challenges, it is understandable that companies are reconsidering their cloud investments.


Carefree in the cloud

Companies and the illusion of security

Data protection in the cloud: repressed responsibility?

More and more companies are storing their data in the cloud, but many do without basic encryption and leave security to the providers, who often only offer rudimentary protection.

In view of increasing cybercriminal activities, this negligent approach is alarming. Many companies also believe that cyber insurance offers sufficient protection, even though premiums are rising and not all risks are covered.

Why do so many companies ignore essential cloud security measures? Are they losing sight of the big picture or are they setting their priorities wrong? The consequences of this negligence can be devastating.


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