Information protection is the result of correct decisions. In order to make these decisions, everything is important, starting from employee awareness to complete data logistics. In our trainings, courses and roadshows you will be provided with important knowledge so that you can make the right, informed decisions.

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Awareness Campaigns

Improve the human factor in protecting your business with an awareness training e3.
Your employees are an important building block for modern and effective security in your company. To be able to optimally protect the values ​​in the sense of the enterprise, one needs the awareness about the value of the data as well as about the knowledge of the fraudsters in the virtual world.

With our Awareness Training, your employees will be fit to defend their information and assets and thus the digital future of your company. Simple guidelines, tips and tricks raise employees' awareness of the importance of prudent handling of sensitive data.

Register your employees or leaders now and strengthen the backbone of your company. 


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Currently no fixed dates are planned.
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Manufacturer in this roadshow:
BoldonJames (Classification), e3 (CDPG), Seclore (IRM) and Symantec (DLP)

Informed decisions are the result of a good overview of the possibilities. The roadshows provide them with building blocks for their overall view.

Information protection in the age of the cloud                                                                                    In principle, three methods are already suitable for contributing to the protection of information. This will be further accentuated in the medium and long term. These methods are:

Control data flow
Ensures that data flows only where they belong. Everything else is prevented. The most successful method today is DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions.

Data Encryption
Data flows of important data can not always be prevented. Especially in cloud scenarios, encryption becomes the primary protection mechanism. These can be local file encryption through to CASB / CDPG solutions.

Restrict data usage
By restricting what may be done with what information, data can also be protected. Rights management is the most common approach.

In this roadshow we give you an overview of the most successful approaches in this field. There are also several specialists on site who are available to answer any questions.