We do not leave them alone. To this end, we strive for an efficient and modern support solution. Our support customers in particular benefit from a rotation principle that ensures the right know-how is available in order to solve their challenge as quick as possible.

Choose from the following support models:

  • Products Support
    Provides support for licensed products and is based on the list price of the respective product.
  • Solution Support
    ompared to product support, the solution support also includes all the integrative and organizational aspects of a solution. This is the most comprehensive support offering.
    For solutions not created by e3, a preceding transition phase is necessary before solution support becomes possible.
  • Ticket support in bundle

    Ticket in the bundle, which are valid for a support case up to a defined number of hours. If the case needs more time, simply use another ticket.

  • Ticket Support ad-hoc
    For immediate problems without a support contract. The ticket price is higher, the amount is only on demand.

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