DLP - Data Loss / Leakage Prevention

Those who value data protection highly, have 2 principle options. Lock-up or encrypt. While encryption is the domain of our CASB / CDPG offering, DLP aims to control and prevent unwanted data (down) flows. Asthe world is not binary, DLP is also more than good or bad, yes or no. The boundary between adequate protection and non-obstruction of business as usual is sometimes thin. A DLP system is tuned over time to learn what is allowed and what is forbidden.
DLP itself requires raw data to train policies and efficient processing of findings. e3 DLP solutions are optimized for these aspects because we believe that this is the only way leading to sustainable protection.


CASB / CDPG - Cloud Access Security Broker / Cloud Data Protection Gateway

Forrester states much higher implementation efficiency for cloud data protection than e.g. for Information Rights Management (IRM). In our opinion, there are many indications that companies have discovered the various potential behind this approach.
Protecting the data in "the cloud" is just the tip of the iceberg. Test data can be produced using the same principles, legacy solutions can be secured cost-effectively and new compliance regulations can be efficiently implemented.
A technology with such a wide range of applications is much more cost-effective than using, narrow focused IRM.
When are you ready to explore the new possibilities?