Information protection

Your information is your capital and its protection therefore critical to the success of your company. We help classify, find and protect relevant information. Whether your data is on the endpoint, in your own data center, or in the cloud, our mission is to protect it in all circumstances.

The e3 is a leader in information protection for medium-sized and larger companies. In doing so, we are also dealing with how the data can be adequately protected in the future. Technology, laws and geopolitics are influencing factors that need to be taken into account.

IT Security happens on 4 levels (see pyramid on the right). In the area of network and technology, security is increasingly delegated to the infrastructure providers. If you want to control your data protection yourself, the mechanisms focus on the business security layer. Conceptually, the following possibilities are:

Including / flow control

Keep data where it belongs and remove it from unwanted places. Especially effective if the environment can be completely controlled. Primary technologies are DLP products and classification.

Encrypt / visibility control

If the environment cannot be controlled but the data still needs to be there, encryption is the method of choice. Primary technology is folder, file and field encryption.

Use control

A partial control of the environment can also be used. Primary technologies are rights management, authorization and classification.

Our offer includes all the necessary levels and methods for each application:

Cyber Security Consulting

It security is not getting any easier with cloud, new laws and geopolitics. Our experienced experts make sure that you can make the right, informed decision. Counting include:

  • Analysis of crown jewels, risks, data flows and involved business processes
  • Awareness of employees and other measures related to the human factor
  • Identity & Access Management including Enterprise Roll Management and all necessary application and approval processes
  • Inclusion of network and device security in the overall context


Security solutions are often operations at the "open heart " of a company. Accordingly, the experience of the "surgeon" is important. Our experts operate in "Delivery-Teams". Each team has a lot of experience implementing the following solutions:


Products should make your life easier, automate your processes and reduce your costs. e3 continuously develops products to increase your security, automate your processes and digitize your organization to reduce their overall costs.

Own products:

Products from leading manufacturers:

  • DLP by Symantec, McAfee and Forcepoint
  • Classification by Boldon James, Symantec
  • CASB by Symantec, McAfee