Comprehensive overview of our services. In many of those services, e3 is a competence leader in the market. Please contact us for a get to know meeting. It will be worthwhile for you. [>CONTACT]

Our Core Competencies

DLP identifies your most sensitive data and prevents potential loss. For medium and enterprise DLP solutions with versatile data protection needs, e3 is the world leader. We work with the top vendors to provide the best solution for you.

IAM is a key requirement for every enterprise. Some companies are about to upgrade their first generation IAM. New products and concepts are addressing todays challenges much better.

CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) / CDPG (Cloud Data Protection Gateways) are important building blocks for the ultimate protection of your information in the cloud. Some solutions like our Centraya event protect against the related cloud provider.

Privacy is no longer an optional matter. Regulatory required and expected by customers, any violation is cost intensive and bares a high loss of reputation. We help you and making an informed decisions to grow your business and nor your risks.

Initiative without exact business analysis and related requirements management bears huge risks. Well done preparation do not only reduce the implementation risks significantly, they also allow phased implementation and more efficient cost and effort management.

Different triggers (new implementations, changes, eco system evolution) lead to tests. Testing (test data, scenario, acceptance criteria) is embedded into the holistic quality assurance efforts.

How do we deliver

Choose contracting when additional workforce is needed and consulting when special knowhow is required.

Licenses for e3 and third party prodcuts from selected vendors.

Support is availble for products (standardized) and solutions (customized).

Managed services if we can take the complete load of your shoulders.