Quality assurance and testing for 15 years

Software errors cost time, money and nerves. We have the necessary know-how and experience to systematically identify these errors as early as possible and thus to minimize the impact.

Every day, companies are faced with the challenge of successfully implementing projects and solutions. The e3 helps companies to implement the measures correctly and safely. This according to the required requirements, the required quality and the required level of safety. Clear requirements management, definition of acceptance criteria and consistent testing ensure the quality required in the competition.

Business Analysis and Requirements Engineering for Strategic Transformation

Strategy & Transformation

IT Governance, Business and IT Strategy, Organizational Change Management, IT Service Management, Business Architecture, Process Cost Calculation

Business Analysis

Target definition and demarcation, business process management, quality management, project support, support in make-or-buy decisions .

Requirements engineering

Request collection, modeling and documentation of requirements, requirements management, UX design, mock-ups and prototyping, solution architecture, change management

Cloud Security

Impact of international regulations and regulations on transformation, digitization and cloud transition, as well as shadow IT analysis.

Cyber Security Consulting

Information Security

Classification and analysis of sensitive data

Identity & Access Management

Enterprise role and law management as well as all relevant processes and records management

Human Factor

Awareness and usage guidelines are the basis for the "optimization" of the human factor