Quality assurance:
The common thread in the project

Quality from start to finish


For more than two decades, e3 has been ensuring the quality of IT projects. And not just at the end, but continuously: for us, quality is one of the basic ingredients of all projects. It is part of the process from the very beginning and runs like a red thread through the entire course of the project.

How do we implement this? By means of tests, among other things. This is not just about detecting errors, but in particular about checking and validating whether the product meets the requirements and specifications. We ensure that all necessary and useful tests are completed. Our focus is on sustainability: depending on the benefit and effort involved, we also use "intelligent" test automation.

Technical tests are the "baptism of fire" of every project: this is where employees get to see the finished solution for the first time. With transparent communication, we ensure that those affected are adequately involved and thus make an important contribution to the success of the project.

Finally, targeted user adoption ensures that the end users understand, accept and live the changes. Only if the application fulfills the technical requirements and meets the needs of the users will the project achieve its desired effect.

Our offer:

Organizational quality assurance:

  • Quality assurance planning
  • Define quality gates & measures
  • Quality assurance check
  • Accessibility tests

Technical quality assurance:

  • Testing
  • Review specification for testability
  • Test design
  • Test planning
  • Test preparation
  • Test specification
  • Test execution
  • Automated tests


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