Products should make your life easier, your processes more automated and decrease your life cycle costs. e3 is continuously engineering products achieving not less than improve your security, automate your processes, digitalize your organization and decrease your total cost of ownership.

DLP Addon's

Our DLP (Data Loss/Leakage Prevention) addon's extends the best products on the market. We leverage the eco system integration and the process automation to allow yet unknown capabilities and processes for you.
We work closely with the following vendors:

  • Symantec DLP
    Market leader for years, the product is particularly suitable for data-centric DLP.
  • McAfee DLP
    Another leading product, which is characterized by wide possibilities in situation centric DLP.
  • Forcepoint DLP
    Also a top product with particular strengths in the area of user-oriented DLP.

Talk to us and together we find the optimal solution for you. If you already have a DLP solution, tell us about your challenges. We can certainly improve your solution.


Our CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and CDPG (Cloud Data Protection Gateway) addresses todays multi cloud challenges with unique functionalities.
Todays cloud solution primarily focus on availability and integrity. Confidentiality, data residency and IP protection is not their strong side.
Do Cloud in a save way with Centraya.

The solution is also ideal for the following use cases:

  • Data anonymization
    Turn productive data into anonymized, context-aware test data through format-preserving encryption and tokenization. It has never been easier to generate secure test data.
  • Right to forget
    GDPR grants the right to forget. In the overall context, data in archives, backups, databases, files, etc. can be traced and deleted - or replaced by obfuscated values. A solution that comes with synergies for data protection and privacy.
  • Legacy protection
    Increasing data protection in legacy applications is, if possible, very expensive. Centraya offers a cost-effective, minimally invasive option.

You got some other challenge? Contact us and we will see how Centraya can support you.