Products should make your life easier, your processes more automated and decrease your life cycle costs. e3 is continuously engineering products achieving not less than improve your security, automate your processes, digitalize your organization and decrease your total cost of ownership.

DLP by e3

Data Loss & Leakage Prevention is more than just a tool. Many legal questions, processes, search patterns, data logistics, etc. aspects have to be clarified. In general, the pure out of the box tool effort is around 10-20% of a successful DLP project. DLP by e3 also provides proven approaches, solutions, extensions and processes for the remaining 80%. This significantly reduces the implementation risk and the duration. The success of a DLP initiative can thus be forecasted.
Learn more about how e3 makes your DLP solution more successful with Symantec, McAfee or Forcepoint.


Our CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and CDPG (Cloud Data Protection Gateway) addresse todays multi cloud challenges with unique functionalities.
Most cloud solution primarily focus on availability and integrity. Confidentiality, data residency and IP protection is not their strong side. Centraya is closing this gap.

Cyber Resilience Solutions

Ensuring business in a safe and trusting manner can be compromised by many. In order for this not a backlash against overpower cyber criminals, it needs a rethink. The e3 Cyber Resilience Solutions product line provides essential product in a highly secure manner. Use state of the art in the cloud without sacrificing security or trust.