Reinventing the future repeatedly is essential for any company. The lack of innovation is stagnation and leads to the slow death of a company. More and more often, disruptive approaches also mean the rapid death of entire industries. Making everything always the same or only a little better does not motivate us. Our own small but fine innovation team is constantly reinventing us. Finding new ways and solutions for all kinds of challenges and combining existing elements with them drives us.We are happy to do this in cooperation with you. If you are interested in one of our fields of research or a new, exciting topic, we would like to hear from you.

Do you need innovation?

We have specialists who look outside the box and still take their needs and strategy into account. We give you access to our most innovative minds. Contact us without obligation and test our innovative strength.


Our own pipeline

We are currently researching the following topics:

  • Cyber Resilience
    We think it takes new, general models to meet daily demands and increasing threats.
  • Classification
    Traditional classification solutions do not adequately meet today's requirements (BYOD, cloud, etc.). The combination of classification and IAM leads to a new generation of access management.

  • Cyber Zoning
    We feel the need for more segregated zones to seperate the different areas more effectively.

  • Information Rights Management
    Addressing the yet unresolved challenges of this technology.

  • Holistic Compliance
    Involving the human factor into all the hardwired IT controls more effectively. Life cannot be hard controls only. A more holistic approach might be the answer.

  • Active SIEM
    Today's SIEM solutions are often post mortem, focussing on reporting and nice dashboards.We think systems should be more pro-active and react intelligently to protect your enterprise preemtively.

  • Secure File Brokerage
    Although a traditional topic, modern collaboration requirements exceed current solutions functionality - an ideal case for e3 innovation.