Cyber Resilience by Design

Weekly reports show the concrete threat and the damage done. In order to guarantee a safe environment, security must be optimized at all levels.

Process Security
Secure collaboration along the entire value chain is the focus of this layer of security

Business Information Security
Security measures that take into account the user, the nature of the data, data flow and processes.

Technical Platform Security
Device supported hardening, firewalls, -measures that protect the devices (endpoints, servers, mobiles) and connections.

Network Security
Connections secured by the network provider and fail-safe networks

A Cyber Resilient platform requires action in many areas. We see the benefits of such a platform in particularly sensitive areas of health care, government, pharmaceuticals, research and development.



Infrastructure Management

Run Support

Process Security

·   Awareness Campaigns

·   Security by Design Support


·   Risk Management

·   Data Privacy Officer

Business Information Security

·   Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

·   Cloud Access & Encryption Gateways

·   Information Rights Management (IRM)

·   Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM)

·   User Experience and Behavior Management (UEBA)


·   Security Operations Center (SOC)

·   Cyber Trainings

·   Cyber Security Experts

·   Cybersecurity Architecture Analysis

Technical Platform Security

·   Vulnerability Analysis

·   Identity & Access Management (IAM)

·   Anti-Virus (AV)

·   Firewall (FW)

·   Computer Forensics / eDiscovery

·   Information Security Management System (ISMS)

·   Link to physical Security

·   Email Encryption

·   Intrusion Detection / Prevention System (IDS/IPS)

·   Data Access & Flow Management

·   Advanced Threat Protection

·   Single Sign-on

·   Asset Management / CMDB

·   Change Management

·   Technology Lifecycle Management

·   Software Deployment

·   System Hardening (Server, Services, Endpoints, Medical Devices)

·   Patch Management

·   Log & Records Management / Audit Trail

·   Secure Configuration Support

·   Authentication Token Management

·   Self Service Portal

·   Leaver, Changer and Joiner Management

·   Secure Endpoint Management

·   Backup, Recovery, DR, BCP

·   Stakeholder Directory Solutions

·   Capacity & Performance Management

·   Availability Management

·   Service Impact Management & Monitoring

·   Vendor Management Support

·   Service Provider Management

·   Cyber Reporting

·   Technology Evaluation and adoption



·   Zoning & DMZ

·   Network Perimeter Security

·   Remote Access Solution

·   Network Access Control

·   Software Defined Network & VPN’s

·   Hot-Zone Solution