Cloud Security:
Data protection through encryption

Uncompromising security for data in the cloud


Nowadays, no company can escape the benefits of the cloud. Infrastructure, business platforms and software solutions are increasingly being offered as cloud services. However, there is no such thing as "the" cloud, but rather different spheres within the cloud that are operated and controlled by different providers.

No company can afford to make even the slightest compromise on data protection and security when moving to the cloud. Therefore, as soon as either the applications or the data leave the company's own systems, encryption becomes mandatory.

You can only protect your applications and data from unauthorized access through encryption. If outsiders can even manage or view the data, data protection must be the top priority. Ideally, business data should be completely encrypted. Ideally before the data leaves your company. The solution is Centraya from e3.

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Centraya Executive Factsheet EN

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Centraya - Encryption made in Switzerland

The optimal protection of data on platforms and applications managed by third parties can only be achieved through encryption.

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