e3 is specialized for complex deliveries on enterprise level. However scaling lower to address similar challenges in SME is something we do as well. We currently serve clients from many different industries because security and quality is equally important for all of them:

Financial Industry

Digitalization, Privacy, Bank Secrecy, Automation, new Shoring Models, Cloud, Integration, new Business Models, ... are just some the challenges we can help.


Automation, Digitalization, Cloud, Integration, IAM, ... are daily challenges in the people transport business. We are standing by to assist you in all those topics.


New Services, Mobile Devices, Automation, Managed Services, new Cost Models, ... demands as a result of changed regulations and end user behaviour. We can provide building blocks for reinventing.

Health and Life Science

Intellectual Property, Digitalization, Automation, Off-Shoring, Cloud, Integration, Service Management, ... time to market is half of the deal in this competing industry. Let us help getting there faster.


Cyber Defence, Industrial Security, Privacy, Intellectual Property, Cloud, Integration, ... challenges beyond the core business of the manufactorers. Ask us to fill the skill gaps to win together.


Cost, Governance, Security, Privacy, Automation, Digitialization, ... the demand of the citizens and the complexity requires more agile and better integrated governance processes. We know how to!


Cyber Defence, Intellectual Property, Reliability, Cloud, Automation, Integration, Export Restriction, Data Residency, ... propably one of the most challenging industries with ever growing security and compliance demands. You require flexible, expandable, secure and reliable solutions? We understand, are capable and ready to assist.