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Every digitalization initiative begins with an understanding of individual business processes - whether in companies or public administrations. The aim is to raise awareness of untapped optimization potential.

With our methods for promising process management, we survey and document your business processes. It is important to us to use proven best-practice approaches and to adhere to established standards (eCH), which guarantee the high quality of the basic work. We involve all employees in order to gain an end-to-end view of the processes within your organization.

Our goal: to simplify and optimize your business processes in order to increase the agility and innovative capacity of your company by creating digital business processes.

Our offer:

  • Business analysis
  • Recording & documentation of processes according to eCH standards, BPMN, ARIS, UML
  • Analysis & optimization of processes
  • Professional support for your digitization project

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Centraya - Encryption made in Switzerland

The optimal protection of data on platforms and applications managed by third parties can only be achieved through encryption.

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