Agile transformation: The change to an agile digital company

Groundbreaking technologies are revolutionizing the rules of the game


The fast-moving world, characterized by changes with little medium to long-term predictability, is forcing companies to adopt new approaches. Digitalization, the emergence of new key technologies such as artificial intelligence, the resulting increase in competition and the shortage of skilled workers are forcing companies to fundamentally rethink their business models. In order to be - and remain - competitive, an organization must be able to react flexibly and quickly to change.

At first glance, this mainly results in challenges that need to be overcome. On closer inspection, however, you realize that change also offers huge opportunities and a multitude of possibilities.

It's not really a new insight: companies need to keep moving in order to secure long-term market advantages. However, change is happening so quickly today that movement alone is no longer enough. Adaptability or resilience requires companies to work on their agility.

Today, agility is a key competence that every company of any size should address. Agile transformation describes the path to agility. Agile transformation is a complex change process that focuses all areas of the company on adaptability and fast response times and encompasses the cultural, process and structural levels of a company.

On this trends website, we will guide you through the various dimensions of agile transformation and provide you with interesting, controversial and new insights.

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Agile only works in IT!

Fact or misconception?

An end to static thinking

The belief that agile only works in IT. Under this pretext, many companies strictly adhere to old paradigms, behaviors and processes. This is why agile transformation fails. This is why companies fail. They can no longer keep up with today's market environment.

In the modern business world, speed to market is the key to being - and remaining - competitive. If organizations want to be crisis-proof, they must be able to act quickly despite complexity and change with little predictability. Companies can only do this if they are agile.

However, agile is far too often misunderstood by business managers and is usually seen as purely an "IT issue". - A fatal misconception.

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