Newsletter #5

Feb 12, 2024e3, DLP

News from e3 AG: The Swiss specialists for data protection and secure digitization provide an overview of the automation functions of their DLP solution. Our colleagues at the e3 AG branch in Bern are delighted to have been awarded another project at two federal offices, while experts are being sought for several customer projects at e3 AG's headquarters in Zurich. Finally, an invitation to the Swiss Cyber Security Days: e3 will be presenting new and established topics on February 20/21 in Bern. We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

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e3 DLP: Data protection with added value

e3 DLP is the best insurance against data loss. With advanced features such as deputy handling, email waiver, slow leakage and, in future, AI-supported incident management, e3 DLP plays to its strengths. It helps customers to save a lot of money on data protection. Cost reductions of 50 percent and more through business-centric automation are quite realistic.

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e3 expertise for two federal offices

The Bern-based e3 AG team is pleased to be able to support various large-scale IT projects at the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol) and the Federal Office of Customs and Border Protection (BAZG). The commitment is scheduled to last five years and has a budget of millions. Among other things, the national part of the Schengen Information System and the digitization of customs are to be further developed.

e3 at the Swiss Cyber Security Days

In just a few days, e3 will be joining partners Arrow ECS and Symantec at the Swiss Cyber Security Days in Bern. On February 20/21, 2024, CEO Thomas Fürling will be discussing the best strategies for ransomware attacks - and how you can prevent them. If you would like to attend the Swiss Cyber Security Days: e3 would be delighted to invite you!

Your career at e3

Do you want to program, develop, work closely with customers, find new solutions in a team and give free rein to your creativity? Then e3 AG is the right place for you!

Do you want to analyze customer needs, implement innovative solutions with world-renowned companies and relieve your colleagues when they are in need? Then e3 AG is the right place for you!

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