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Aug 4, 2023Cloud Security, Centraya, e3, Encryption

e3 AG, based in Zurich and Bern, specializes in data protection and security. In this newsletter we provide information about trends in cyber security, secure cloud computing, a data protection project at a life science company and give our HR a voice.

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“Contracts do not help protect against data loss”

IT security makes projects more complicated. That's why it's either often omitted - or only thought about at the very end. This is fatal, as the attack on Xplain shows. Thomas Fürling from e3 AG says in an interview what needs to happen to prevent such data breaches.

Encrypt using a provider technology

Today, business-critical data in the cloud is typically encrypted. The provider often provides the encryption itself - and thus promises maximum security. But the calculation cannot work out.

Just as the “Segregation of Duties” applies to employees, providers and encryption must also be strictly separated in the cloud. This is the only way to achieve maximum security for your business-critical data.

“The ‘Segregation of Duties’ may not only apply to employees,
but must also apply to providers.”

Do you know e3 Centraya?

The promises of cloud computing are tempting: flexible and unlimited performance, the highest level of security like that of large corporations and calculable costs. However, in doing so, you are giving up control of your data. e3 Centraya encrypts your data in the cloud and gives you back control.

Health data is securely encrypted
in the cloud

A leading manufacturer of life science products sells, among other things, skin care products. In rare cases, allergic reactions may occur. Complaints are recorded via web form and then managed and resolved in Salesforce. e3 Centraya ensures the legally required protection of health data through encryption.

The cloud is the best protection against ransomware

The e3 is looking for reinforcements

Secure digitalization now. Thank you.

Do you want to help shape the future of cyber security? Do you value agile working techniques and teamwork? At the same time, do you value freedom for your own ideas?

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