Data Loss Prevention - Composite Solutions for SMEs

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DLP is probably the most efficient measure to protect sensitive data and information in the company. The better a DLP solution understands sensitive data and information and the more closely the business processes can be covered by DLP, the more comprehensive the protection. Effective protection is associated with corresponding effort or costs. For small and medium-sized companies, these efforts can be too great. That's why e3 has made its DLP multi-tenant solution available for a new, more cost-effective deployment model.

Community-based Data Loss Prevention - What is it all about?

In a digitalized world, substantial investments in the necessary cyber security must not tempt companies - especially small and medium-sized enterprises - to do nothing. Merely relying on the protection of cyber insurance is not advisable. No insurance can cover the potential loss of trust among customers and business partners in the event of a successful cyber attack - from the attacker's point of view - and the associated competitive disadvantages - and, in the worst case, threaten the existence of the company. What is needed is a reliable and financially viable Cyber defenseif small and medium-sized enterprises want to position themselves securely. Today - in the age of digitalization - more than ever.

In a security network, companies can share the costs and at the same time benefit from a cyber defense that only large companies can afford. Based on its DLP multi-client solution, e3 can offer an affordable and highly effective security network.

Our DLP security composite solutions include the highly optimized components and processes that were primarily developed for large enterprises or corporations. This makes enterprise DLP automation affordable and usable for SMEs as well.

Structure of the DLP security network

The following properties should characterize the safety composite:

  • Same industry
  • Similar protection goals
  • Similar organizational structures
  • Low competition situation within the network
  • Same timing for setting up the safety interconnect

These aspects mainly influence the common DLP solution.

A safety alliance that pays off

The cost savings possible on the basis of the DLP composite solutions outlined can be determined using the DLP cost calculator.

The first step

Are you interested in an effective security network solution? Are you currently standing alone as a company and would like to set up a security network solution against cyber attacks? Or are you a professional association interested in an association solution for your members?

There are many reasons to talk to us about effective and affordable cyber defense. We do not know of any reasons that speak against it.

Get in touch with us. We will explain the details, answer your questions or convince potential members of your environment with the advantages of such a solution.

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