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Virtual DLP User Group Meeting


October 7, 21 | 15:30 – 18:15

Virtual DLP User Group Meeting


October 7, 21 | 15:30 – 18:15

Data Loss Prevention Redefined

Automated. Cost Efficient. Data-Centric.

Security can be safe, simple and user-friendly.

About this User Group Meeting

We look forward to inviting you to the next virtual e3 Benelux/Symantec DLP User Group Meeting:

Risk-based information protection enables the right level of control to be applied to relevant areas of potential cyber risk. As much as necessary, as flexible and as efficient as possible. For executives, boards and regulators, this means more economical and effective management of data protection risks, so that companies can (further) develop their markets, their business, on the basis of resilient IT security. For this purpose, we have improved and expanded our DLP products.

Program Highlights

1. What are the next steps in modern information security?
2. Everyone is getting sassy with SASE and zealous with ZTX
3. What’s new with the DLP Symantec Release 15.8 ?
4. What’s new in e3 DLP?
5. What’s coming down the e3 pipeline?
6. What are today’s challenges in the field of DLP – Discussion
7. A short wrap up and how to get more security from e3 and Symantec/Broadcom
8. Prepare your favorite drink and let’s toast to the future of information security

Register for

Webinar e3 Benelux / Symantec

Date, time: 07.10.21, 15:30-18:15
Registration deadline: 06.10.21, 12:00
Place: Online event
Language: English
  • Marius van der Valk, e3 Benelux
  • Thomas Fürling, e3
  • Markus Moll, e3
  • Clive Gladwin, Broadcom
  • Matt Jones, Broadcom