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Cyber attacks, business interruptions, loss of reputation – consistent IT security measures help to combat the greatest risks for Swiss companies. The solutions of the e3 offer comprehensive protection from a single source.

The exponential increase in the number of cyber attacks is giving Swiss companies sleepless nights , as confirmed by the Allianz Risk Barometer 2022. In its annual survey, the insurer asks companies around the world where they suspect the greatest business risks.

61 percent of the Swiss companies surveyed describe cyber incidents as a risk, followed by business interruptions with 57 percent. But changes in the legal requirements also cause concern for companies, together with fears of loss of reputation and a shortage of skilled workers. What at first glance looks like a colorful list, however, is connected by causal relationships: cyberattacks almost inevitably lead to business interruptions and reputational damage that is at least as serious as the financial loss.

Legal changes – such as the implementation of Europe-wide data protection laws – can present companies with completely new challenges, for which they must first look for or build up qualified specialists.

Complex challenges, mastered from a single source

However, sometimes the answer to complex situations is quite simple. From an IT security perspective, companies can protect themselves from a single source against the risks that cause them the most stomach aches. Thus, a considerable proportion of cyber attacks can be carried out through the consistent use of

If the legal situation changes, new rules of the game suddenly apply: how do companies reconcile data protection, control and compliance with different data protection laws? Especially in a multi-cloud scenario, as is already common practice today, new challenges arise. Here, only country-specific encryption against unauthorized access to the data of customers and companies helps.

The changed legal requirements in the field of data protection also present companies with new challenges: in addition to their core business, they have to deal in depth with security aspects, rethink work processes and upgrade their IT – also in terms of personnel. This is also where the shortage of qualified specialists comes into play, another risk that Swiss companies fear. And an e3 solution is also suitable for this: in addition to planning and implementation, we also take over the operation of your DLP solution for you – appropriately and smoothly.

If you are concerned about the business risks presented, talk to us – we will show you tailor-made solutions so that you can look to the future with confidence.